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Welcome to Holistic Arts, your home for Holistic Jewelry, Energetic Services, and information for natural living. Holistic Arts jewelry is created with the best holistic and energetic intentions.

Protective Mirror Jewelry

“Christie creates mirror jewelry to protect people from picking up others energy. The mirrors keep the negativity away and accept the loving positive energy. She is a successful woman, with a fantastic array of jewelry. We sell out of everything she stocks at The Center and she’s continually making new creations, especially the beautiful mirror necklaces.” -Echo Bodine, Author, Teacher

What others are saying about Holistic Arts

“Christie has a magic touch of seeing what gemstones and beautiful findings can be joined together to create powerful jewelry pieces. Her knack for making one of a kind pieces makes every piece so special, not to mention infusing them all with her deep love and energy. They will enhance your outer beauty and soothe your inner beauty.” Presence Magazine

“I purchased a custom mirror necklace from Christie and I love it. She worked with me to help get me exactly what I wanted…and needed. Although the mirror I wear is small, it helps calm my anxious energy and allows me to focus on the positive energy around me. Being someone who can take on others emotions and vibes, my necklace allows me to center myself and I get compliments every time I wear it.” -Juliette P.

“I don’t just wear Christie’s jewelry, I feel it. Every piece vibrates with pure intention, artistic vision, and most of all kindness and love. Throughout the 10+ years of being an appreciative customer a genuine friendship and connection has also grown — for this I am very grateful. Her smile and light are in each and every stone, crystal, mirror and metal.” -Michele L.

“My husband works in an emotionally volatile work place. He started to wear the mirror necklace I purchased from Christie and felt like it helped him feel better. The other’s emotions and anger did not feel like it affected him as much. When he doesn’t wear it, he can tell.” -Kristine C.

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