Silver Aromatherapy Necklace with Leaf / Witch Perfume Oil


This silver aromatherapy necklace is designed to be a beautiful way to wear the essential oil of your choice. Open the locket and place a drop or two on the included pad to enjoy your oils all day. This selection is paired with “Witch,” perfume oil from our friends at The Pines Apothecary a local MN business.

If you could scry into this bottle of perfume, you would see burning cities and blooming gardens. Witch is complex and powerful. She is every woman. She is both dark and fearsome, and sweet and nurturing. She is a mother, she is a maiden, she is a crone. She is magic. She brings intense change that can often feel aggressive at first, until you realize she is only cutting away what no longer serves you. She is an absolute force of nature. If you want a passive woman, a passive perfume, stay away from Witch. Her beauty is fierce and her actions are strong. Her beauty and her strength are yours, too, if you dare to claim them.

PERSONALITY: intense, magical, complex, rich, smoky, unexpectedly sweet, fierce, sexy as hell

Primary notes: vetiver, grapefruit, rose, neroli
Subtle notes: birch tar, cedarwood, black pepper, ylang ylang, rosewood, jasmine

Our perfumes are handmade with essential oils and absolutes, in a base of jojoba, fractionated coconut and meadowfoam seed oil. Perfume oils are more personal and subtle than alcohol-based perfumes. They mingle with your body chemistry, creating a scent that’s intoxicatingly and uniquely you. They also last longer than alcohol-based perfumes.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 1 in